Test of localStorage limits/quota

Important update: You can get much more information in this research on browser storage.

Please sit back and relax™ while this script tests your browser. This may take a while (about 2 minutes actually). Firefox users might want to check "Do not ask me again" in their "Unresponsive script" dialog.

The script constructs very long strings and tries to save them to window.localStorage. When that fails, it reports last successful length and current failing length.

Last time I've checked, Chrome 6.0.472.36 beta let me save 2600-2700 thousands of characters, Firefox 3.6.8 - 5200-5300k, Explorer 8 - 4900-5000k, and Opera 10.70 build 9013 popped a dialog, that allowed me to give the script unlimited storage. Spec arbitrarily recommends 5 megabytes of storage, but doesn't say a thing about actual characters, so in UTF-16 you get twice less.

At any moment you can

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Adjusting quotas

Doesn't actually requires adjusting. You can however change default storage size at which Opera will propose increasing limit. It is defined by Domain Quota For localStorage option. It's value is in kilobytes.
Go to about:config and search for "dom.storage.default_quota" option. It's value is in kilobytes.

AFAIK, there's no way to adjust quotas for Chrome/Safari/IE.